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OVERCOMER Movie: Meet at the church at 6PM our show starts at 7:PM
If you plan to meet us at the theater, come by the church tonight about 6:30 or so to pick up your tickets. If you can't make it tonight, call Michael at 918-774-6899 to make arrangements to pick up your tickets.


About the Evangelist

Michael Whalen has spent the last 40 years teaching the word of God, in innovative ways by using a multimedia presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Michael received his undergraduate degree at Dallas Baptist University where he graduated with honors with a degree in communications. Later he graduated from Amberton University with a Master of Science degree in Professional Training Development.

Michael is a 20 year veteran of the US Army. His wife of over 40 years Pamela is also a veteran. Together, they provide gospel concerts to praise the King. 

Michael's passion is teaching and preaching the Word of God in ways to help motivate the church to share the Good News of the Gospel, under the power of the Holy Spirit.

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