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First Baptist Evangelism Link
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Attached is a make-up schedule for our Evangelism Training for those whose schedules conflicted with the original class schedule. All make-up sessions begin at 6 PM. This make-up is made possible because this subject has life and death consequences for so many people.

If you are planning to attend make-up sessions you MUST let the instructor (Michael Whalen) know of your intention to attend. If nobody indicates a desire to attend, the session will be canceled. Either call 918-774-6899 or go online to and register for make-up sessions.
Session 5 Using the Evange-cube will be taught October 23rd, at the church in fellowship hall

Session 6 How to write your testimony will be taught October 30th at the church in fellowship hall

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Evangelistic calendar is located on the Calendar link of this site

Please send any comments about evangelism, outreach, or discipleship to the evangelism committee in the spaces below. Thanks for your involvement!

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You can sign-up for Evangelism Training Make up sessions by scrolling down to the bottom of the page sign-up area! I

Sign up below. If you need childcare, indicate in the box how many children you have. Enjoy the training!

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