Overcomers Bible Study

Overcomers Bible Study
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For all who are discouraged, please engage the below material after you have saturated your study 
 time with prayer. PLEASE leave me a note below about how God is moving in showing you who you are in HIM.
You are allowed 500 characters in the response box below.

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God bless you, and your study time in His word.
                                                                                  Michael, Study Leader 

Click here for a trailer of the OVERCOMER BIBLE STUDY Video

Overcomer Student Workbook (39 pages)

Overcomer Notes for Introductory Session (7 pages)

Overcomer Introduction Audio 48m

Overcomer Notes Session 1 (15 pages)

Overcomer Session 1 Audio 1h 41m

Overcomer Notes Session 2 (16 pages)

Overcomer Session 2 Audio (1h 36m)

Overcomer Notes Session 3 (21 pages)

Overcomer Session 3 Audio (1hr 36 m)

Overcomer Notes Session 4 (17 pages)

Overcomer Session 4 Audio (1hr 43 m)

Overcomers Notes Session 5 (22 pages)

Overcomer Session 5 Audio (1h 43m)

This webpage is provided to allow students to interact with

the lessons taught.  All lessons will be uploaded to allow students to reread the material, or to share with others.

 At the link provided students will be able to comment on the lesson, add prayer request, or share the name of somebody who

is lost and needing Jesus. You are allowed 500 characters in the response box

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Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus