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At the bottom of the page is a video promotional of our new study beginning 16 February 2023! Take time to check it out!

All OVERCOMER videos will be deleted October 31, 2022

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Session 6 is about OVERCOMING FEAR temptation with scripture.

Temptation affects everyone.

It doesn't matter who you are, how strong you are, how knowledgeable, how immersed in the Bible, or how committed to integrity.

To be Overcomers, we must constantly be on our guard because temptation is no respecter of persons.

This is our final session, please check out the link below to view the introduction to our new study starting in February 2023 called...THE WORLD OF THE END.


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If you happen to miss a session, a video of the presentation will be posted here for you to watch. You may also want to watch a repeat of the session if there was something in a session you want to hear again.

The World of The End February 2023

Click here to watch 39 minute video to explain our new study beginning in February 2023