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Read a really good question in Francis Chans book... You and me forever... What do you think you will feel when you see Him... What will I, Pamela do/feel the first time I stand before the Holy, Almighty God... God's word says that people will beg the rocks to fall down on them.... When I stand before God, with Jesus standing on His right side, I will be so ashamed, so humbled, so broken at my failing Him...You see, He already knows... there is absolutely nothing I've done that would allow me to even stand before Him, in fact way to many times in my life, more often than not, I've acted as though I'm His enemy. Idle words, gossip, just plain laziness, pettiness, thinking I am more than I am... So many things... My heart attitude... Allowing fear to rule me...I will come to the Father because the price, the perfect propitiation has been paid... It blows my mind that Jesus will tell the Father that I am one of His...That I get to spend eternity, forever and ever with them...That every single, from the tiniest to the greatest sin that I have committed, they are all gone...In God's eyes sin is sin...and through Jesus Christ...His blood...I am clean... Thank you Jesus

I was putting away some of my old friends/treasures last many of them remind me of a place, a person who blessed me, a time in my life. Knowing that in 11 months I will bring them back out again to touch, to look at, to find joy in... even with all that said....I could never put in a box, nor ever want too, the true meaning of Christmas, the true meaning of life, whose my life belongs too. One day it won't be the colors of red and green, glitters will be God's Shekinah glory forever and ever!!! No more pain, no more sorrow, no more hurt, no more evil. Choose you this day who you will serve... I choose Jesus.

from 2015.... I went through the study of Nehemiah by Kelly Minter about 3 years ago with Chloe B and Christen. I had no idea how much I've grown in my walk with the Lord, seriously how far the Lord has brought me and how much farther I still have to go.... In Nehemiah, chapter 2, verse 1, starts out "And it came about in the month Nisan, in the twentieth year of King Artaxerxes, that wine was before him, and I took up the wine and gave it to the King. Now I had not been sad in his presence. So the king said to me, "Why is your face sad though you are not sick? This is nothing but sadness of heart." Then I was very much afraid."... For the cupbearer or any servant to the king it was dangerous to show sorrow, he could immediately put someone to death.... in spite of his fears, Nehemiah spoke in the next verse his heart... "I said to the king, let the King live forever. Why should my face not be sad when the city, the place of my father's tombs, lies desolate and its gates have been consumed by fire?" Nehemiah did not let his fears overcome him, did not let fear direct him away from the path that God had for him... reminds me of queen Esther who knew what she was created for and the path that God had for her as He placed her as Queen, for such a time as this.... I want to be brave like Nehemiah and Queen Esther to be ready for whatever God has for me and to know that it's His path for me, that I will be bold and courageous and, because He created me for such a time as this.

I am reminded today again that we are not promised tomorrow. Make sure you take time to tell those that you love how important they are to you. Make sure you pick up the phone and call those you don't see often... for arguments and anger, stupid disagreements, seek forgiveness for those you've hurt, give forgiveness for those who have hurt you even when they don't ask. Even for those who've hurt you greatly. Forgiveness is so important, not for them, but for you. I desire to be clean before the Lord and I desire to be a light for Him in a very dark world. If I'm carrying excess baggage that weighs me down I need to let it go.

In my quiet time this morning Priscilla Shirer in a Bible Study, called, "One in a Million" brought out the point that people who left Egypt were humbled not only to purify there hearts intentions but also to qualify their obedience. Obeying is easy when it makes sense and when milk and honey are flowing all around us, but the true test of our commitment is best seen when there is no refreshment in sight, just plain after plain of dry wasteland. Will we obey God even then?.....God has been taking Mike and I through the Wilderness, God allowed some things to happen that I don't understand, but I do know that He has been protecting us, put us in a place to grow in Him....God knows that we would have dragged our feet because we were comfortable, He has rescued us and is guiding our steps, I catch myself saying but God, it hurts, the pain is real..I can almost hear God saying..."really,do know where I've been, you do know that I am the Lord God Almighty and chose a path not easy, you do know the suffering I went through because of my great love for you...I allowed the beatings, the evil that tried to destroy Me....I allowed the mocking, the being spit upon....I allowed the nails to be hammered into me....remember whose you are my child, compared to living outside the will of God, outside of His presence and His hope....a little wilderness time is not going to hurt you....stop being Lots wife...stop looking back....let it go and move out smartly towards Canaan land...of course using God's road map....

In our Christian walk we all struggle, yes I know it's hard to believe, even me. I'm just as shocked as you are that I'm not perfect (only Jesus and my friend Helen...well maybe not Mrs. Helen either)... We have things that come in our life that we don't ask Jesus about. Or maybe don't trust Jesus with. Or is it that we don't pray about it or let it go and allow ourselves to be God centered in our living. Is it because we don't trust God, or is it, we wonder why would He bother with us we have messed up so badly. Too often we don't go to the Father because we feel unworthy. STOP IT!!!!!! He is Abba Daddy!! The enemy will sit on your shoulder and whisper sweet nothings into your ears, telling you that you shouldn't bother God with some things or no one can ever fix this, not because He can't, but because I've messed up so bad. Gods word says that nothing can separate us from the love of the Father. So seriously!!!! Time for some victory in Jesus!!!!! Can I get a witness...!!!!!!!!!

From the Heart of Pamela: July 20, 2017

Read a sentence in One and a  Million by Priscilla Shirer..." rest assured, God's meal will be better suited to your palate than anything your time in Egypt could provide."  I've been thinking a lot about Egypt lately and the children of Israel leaving it. They grumbled under the weight of all the things that Pharaoh put on them. But yet when God LED them out of there, they grumbled because they didn't have the certain foods they were fed as slaves. How quickly they forgot what it meant to be a slave in Egypt. The beatings, the forced labor, the things done to those who couldn't keep up. All of that forgotten because God JUST GAVE them Manna From Heaven...Numbers 11:4-7 says, the rabble who were among them had greedy desires, and also the sons of Israel wept again and said, who will give us meat to eat? We remember the fish which we used to eat free in Egypt, the cucumbers, and the melons and the leaks and the onions and the garlic, but now our appetite is gone. There is nothing at all to eat except this Manna.  Now the Manna.."  seriously! How quickly they forgot that there was a price for the food from the people of Egypt. They didn't do it out of  kindness, they did it because they knew they had to keep their slaves strength up to build their pyramids and their houses and everything. The price tag of God's Manna was zero for the Israelites...just to trust Him as He was leading and preparing to take them to the land of milk and honey...It took drastic measures to free the Israelites from Pharaoh... sometimes God has to use drastic measures to move us out of Egypt. I get so comfortable and sometimes afraid to move forward... sometimes it's not even that our Egypt is so bad, it's just not God's best for us. But if we don't move He will allow things to happen, sometimes very painful to get our attention.... to put on our walking shoes and move on toward the prize.... to His plan for our the hymn "Where He leads Me I will follow, without Him I'd lose my way".....truth!!!

 "From Pamela's heart blog"

Shampoos and conditioners

I was going through the hard task (since I put my shampoo and conditioner in small unmarked bottles for my trip) of deciding which one was which.  One was pearly silky color looking and one was dull looking , no luster at all… I always forget on my trips which one is which.  So first I tried to rationalize that surely the conditioner would be the silky pearly one because it would take my “slightly (understatement)”unmanageable hair and make it soft and silky and the very dull one had to be the shampoo cause it was just plain.  Wrong.  It made me think of how more often than not, it’s the silky pearly color things in life that we are drawn too, it is just the thing that makes us beautiful, as it lulls us into living comfortably with never allowing Christ to be the true headship of our lives.  It seduces us into just living with no rel true freedom in Christ.  Whereas the plain colored stuff is actually the stuff that makes soft and beautiful.  Christ message and salvation is plain and simple.  He doesn’t have to mix things into it to make it “look” good.  He doesn’t have a different gospel so that everyone is comfortable.  To often these days people are so busy to not offend that they are okay offending our Lord.  We start to playing God with His word.  We live our lives anyway we want and then tell ourselves and others, God’s word was written a long time ago,  times change, things change.  Seriously do you really think that the one true God who created everything, couldn’t get Hi book right.  He couldn’t guard over the words being put into it.  He could only have breathed and inspired into it correctly the parts that we pick that we don’t like, that don’t fit us.  Seriously do you really think it’s  really a different God who created the heavens and the earth and calls sin sin.  He is God.  The sin had to be bought with a price.  Christ had to leave heaven and come to earth as a baby boy to be the perfect propitiation for our sin.  Knowing that I am a sinner, Knowing that there is nothing I in myself can do.  Confessing to God that He is and has always been who He says He is.  That His son willingly allowed those soldiers to nail Him to the cross.  Not just for the murderer and the thief. But for every lie, every jealous attitude every petty thought in my heart, every hammering of the nails  were  for my sin.  Often I think of the two men at the temple one self-righteous man praying “thank God I am not like that heathen”  the other falling onto the mercy seat with true humble, broken repentance.  Which one truly “got it”.  Asking Jesus to be the Lord of my life , accepting the fact that He died for me.  Break my heart today Lord.  Help me to humble myself at Your mercy seat.  I receive from you the forgiveness of my sin.  Help me turn away from it and walk towards the cross.